Towards a fairer more secure world

‘Restoring Trust in Our Shared Future’

Rector Inglofsdottir, Professor Nordal, President Grimsson, former President Finnbogadóttir ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for the warm welcome.

I am honoured to join you at the University’s centenary celebrations.

You have, of course, a great deal to celebrate. It has been a century of remarkable growth for this University in terms of its size and reputation.


“Restoring global trust and confidence”



"Restoring global trust and confidence"

Remarks by Mr. Kofi Annan Remarks at "Global Horizons",

Oxford Analytica’s Conference, Oxford, England

16 September 2011


I am delighted to be with you tonight at this magnificent venue and for this chance to share views with such a distinguished audience.


Delivering Global Food and Nutrition Security – the Challenge of our Time

I am honoured to be here and for this opportunity to address the FAO conference.

You meet at a time of critical importance. The challenges, immediate and long-term, that the FAO faces have never been greater. In many ways, the world has changed enormously since the FAO was set up in 1945.  Overall, we enjoy greater prosperity and opportunity, but this progress has not been shared.


Peace and Poverty

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests,

Fellows, Scholars, and Interns,

Thank you for that welcome. And thank you for inviting me join the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the American- Scandinavian Foundation.

You have a great deal to celebrate and plenty of reasons to look to the future with confidence.


Democratic Values and Leadership By A New Generation, SIPA Commencement Address 2011

SIPA Commencement Address by H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan
Columbia University, New York, May 14th 2011

Thank you, Dean Coatsworth, for your kind words of introduction.

President Bollinger, distinguished faculty, proud parents, loving friends and, most importantly, the graduates of the class of 2011, good afternoon.

I am honored to be a part of such a joyous occasion, and at an institution so close to my heart.